The Wish Studio

“Working together with passion, purpose and heart to make and deliver the handcrafted WISH Candle”

The WISH Candle Company works much like a beehive to make and deliver this unique messenger candle to you or someone special in your life.

The WISH Candle is a handcrafted 100% pure beeswax messenger candle.

The Copper Time Capsule will hold your special WISH or message to be revealed when it is burned.

The process of making the WISH Candle is a delicate and timely process. It takes between eight to ten hours of the Candle Maker’s attention. We must pay close attention to every detail along the way to ensure the WISH Candle is the best hand crafted candle we can make.

WISH- Words Inspired Secrets Held – The idea for making a candle to send messages and the name of the company began with the founder, Brenda Turner, more than fifteen years ago. The design and packaging hold years of conversations, inspirations, memories and love shared by family and friends.

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