A few years ago I had my pen and paper in hand pondering on this mysterious, magical word WISH and what it really means. I have experienced the power of this word my whole life.

I wake up every day with a wish in mind.

I make a wish whenever I want something special (time with my family and friends) whenever I need help (fixing things around the house, working on a project) or I have a passion for a specific thing (beautiful gardens & greenhouses, a home at the beach, the Wish Candle).

I wish for whatever I want in life.

I’ve been making wishes and imagining they were true since childhood. I always believed in the mysterious and magical power of a wish. My life is living proof.

My friends tell me I’ve lived a charmed life, but I know I’ve lived a wishful life.

I’ve been living a wishful life for more than fifty years – A wishful life is to wish for whatever you want and imagine it appearing – Then live the life you wish to live in your dreams every night.

There are times when I have to remind myself of my heartfelt wishes especially when my life is overwhelmed with chaos, problems, sadness or I’m having a wonderful time.

“A wish is just like a garden, it fades away and dies when it is forgotten. It requires constant care and attention to grow and produce.”

You never know what tomorrow will bring – things happen and it’s easy to forget about your wishes. Be mindful of what’s going on in your life every night when you get ready for bed and stay aligned with your wishes. Don’t let your wishes fade away and be forgotten.

Keep a wish candle by your bed and light it every night as a reminder of your wishes, hopes and dreams for the future. Make your heartfelt wish when you blow your candle out, close your eyes and let your imagination soar. Create a new episode of your wish being true in your dreams every night.

Stay aligned with your wish. When I feel out of balance I make time to go for a walk. Nature has a way of clearing my mind. A walk on the beach never fails to give me a sense of awe that takes my breath away. I always feel enormous gratitude and appreciation when I feel the sun on my face and the water washing over my feet. It reminds me God is present, miracles happen and wishes do come true. Nature helps me be mindful of my life and my heartfelt wishes.

As I pondered on this magical, mysterious word W I S H and my wishful life it became clear to me, life is a wish.

The WISH Candle turns milestone occasions into treasured events. – Write Your WISH!