Spalted Sycamore Box Set


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The Spalted Sycamore Box is made with an elegant decorative Spalted Sycamore wood.  This perfect example of spalted wood is in high demand.  Spalting is caused by certain white-rot decay fungi growing in primarily hardwoods.  The fungi create “zone lines“ in the wood where different territories of fungi meet.  The top and bottom planes are supported by the strong dovetail sidewall construction to ensure its stable structure over time.  An aesthetic design that compliments everything around it while collecting memories and wishes to build upon.  This box comes packaged with the WISH Candle Set securely placed inside.  Wood Box Hand Crafted by the amazing WISH Box Maker: Don Fariss.

The WISH Candle Set comes complete inside an elegant copper textured soft-box sealed with a silky bow-tied ribbon.

Included in the set is one hand crafted, 100% pure bees wax WISH Candle made from Brenda’s WISH Candle studio, the founder of WISH Candle.  The candle will burn for hours purifying the air as it emits a subtly sweet honey aroma.  Copper WISH Capsule to place your hand written wish inside to deliver & make your wish come true.  One strip of bees wax to plug the bottom of the WISH Candle to hold the WISH Capsule inside.  A WISH Envelope including the following pieces: One WISH Scroll Paper & Sticker to write your wish on and insert into the Wish Capsule.  One Card-Envelope and Card to optionally send your wish as a gift and write an additional message to the WISH recipient for revealing on a special date and time.  

May your wishes always come true!