How To Create With Your Thoughts

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Whatever we are thinking we are creating. The universe aligns and caters to our thoughts. When we overcome certain challenges in our lives or achieve certain goals it is because we have changed the way we were thinking. We are the architects of our own reality. One way to stay authentic in creating a reality that is purely true to you is to let go of society’s expectations. This is something we can do for ourselves to keep a clear mind for creation.   Every thought is like a wish, and a catalyst for every action.

Positive thinking has a great effect on the body because thoughts change the biochemistry of the body. This relates to our attitudes also because the way we think effects the way we feel. Thoughts are a collection of emotions. Emotion is energy in motion. In essence thoughts are energy. We are living in a sea of energy with infinite potentialities. Don’t forget about negative thoughts. What can those do for us in this reality? The negative thoughts hold great amounts of energy, as felt by us, when we are angry or stressed. However those negative thought energies can be harnessed to propel us into our higher self. The separation of negative and positive energy is only a mirage or illusion. They are one and the same. How we see the world is how the world responds to us. The observer is not separate from the observation.

The mind we have is the original internet. We are the original technology. We have to become aware that we have infinite power. That is why there is a war on consciousness on the planet. We are whatever we think we are. Shed the layers of what society told you to be and realize your true self. This is the key to making all your wishes come true. Know Thyself.

Most of us have many wishes and this is great! The way to make them come true is found by tuning and focusing your emotions that support the thoughts of the wish having come true. Hold the heartfelt thoughts and feel with your emotions that you are with your wish come true, here and now. If this is a challenge, simply and consciously change the words we say to ourselves from being separate from desire to being one with the desire.

When we say, “I want … this or that” we are sending signals out to the universe that we don’t have what we desire. Therefor we have separated ourselves and will remain in lack. To move into infinite abundance, observe and feel the change from the “I need” to “I want” to “I have” to “I AM”. Changing these words changes the thoughts and the thoughts change our action and interactions with the world around us. This influences the energy that creates our reality, and with enough repetition sets the subconscious influence to do this automatically. We must not forget that the words we use govern us. This can be difficult at first but start with a small wish if only to see the process and progress of it coming true. This can be as instant as you allow yourself to imagine and accept. There are no limits for your wishes to come true. This is the power of aligning with your heartfelt wish.

Once we can hold a positive intention we can create miracles. That’s why we have to be careful where we place our focus, because whatever we focus on grows. We turn into whatever we’re tuned into. Have the best image of yourself in your mind at all times because that’s what creates who you are and thus what you wish for. Believe in yourself and turn the impossible into “I’m possible”. We have to use words that empower us. We have to use words that help us create our own realities and wishes becoming true.

We begin harnessing our thoughts when we begin tapping into the power of now, when we begin living in the present moment, when we are in our heart space, when we let go of fear. We have to remember who we are. We must unblock the energy flowing through us by letting go of the thoughts no longer serving us. Eat beautiful living plant foods, get back to nature, plant your feet on Earth, and be in an environment that allows you to tap into being and not “doing”. Our thoughts are commands, “do this, do that” when we step into “being” we are dissolving the separation between those commands and ourselves. This is the space of having nothing to do because we are embodying the totality of our existence. Simply being is always there to balance with so much doing.

The world is an idea. It only takes one idea to change your world.  Just Like the flow of endless energy, all ideas must change. Therefor if you desire peace in the world, create peace in yourself first. It all starts with you. You are the power to make your wish come true.

~ Adam Walsh

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