WISH Instructions

Write your heartfelt wish or message and place it into the secret chamber in the bottom of the WISH Candle.

The WISH Candle is the caretaker of your heartfelt wish.

It usually takes about 12 to 14 hours burn time. Each batch of 100% beeswax burns a little differently because the bees gather pollen from different plants. The amount of time can vary. Be ready for an evening of anticipation and excitement.

The 12 to 14 hours is a ‘gift of time’ to your life and the people you choose to share it with.

Handwritten words that express our heartfelt wish or the words we wish to say to our loved ones are treasured gifts that last forever.

How to Receive your WISH

Burn the candle until the bottom of the cap on the WISH Capsule is clearly revealed.  Blow out the flame and pour excess hot wax around the cap into a cup.  

Hot wax & hot metal will burn you.  Let the WISH Capsule cool for at least 2 minutes.

Use a towel or a pair of pliers to avoid burning your fingers when you remove the cap. Excitement grows as the WISH Capsule appears. The time has finally arrived to receive your wish or message from the WISH Capsule.  Twist & pull the cap off to receive your heartfelt WISH.

This is a time to celebrate and connect ‘heart to heart’ with your wish or special people in your life. 

Together or apart the message inside the WISH Candle will connect you heart to heart.

WARNING:  Use a tool to prevent burning your fingers to remove the cap.  If the wax hardens you may need to light the candle again to loosen wax.

Here’s why it’s a gift to Receive Your WISH!