Writing your wish on the WISH Paper gives you time to contemplate the words that best describe your wish.

You might be thinking ‘I wish to own a restaurant’ but you may not be thinking about the long hard hours you will be working, undependable help, no free time, the financial cost and challenges of owning and operating your own restaurant. 

You might consider wording your wish a little differently and say ‘I wish to own my own restaurant, have access to high quality, affordable food, dependable help, the option to take time off for myself and my family, to pay good wages and make a profit.

You need time to ponder on your wish. Use words that best describe your wish and how your wish could change your life and your future when it comes true.

Be mindful of your wish. The mind isn’t going to stop re-living the past, a bad day at work or worries about the future on its own. You must consciously let go of your thoughts and put your attention on your wish.

Unplug from technology and go for a walk or sit by the window, enjoy a cup of coffee and a morning sunrise or a beautiful sunset. The appreciation of the beauty of nature naturally gives our minds time to pause and be in awe of the moment.

” Take a deep breath and ponder on life.”

What do you wish?  Imagine your wish is true. What are you doing? How do you feel? Where are you? It’s up to you to use your imagination and create stories of your wish being true.

Imagination is the minds magic––It gives your Wish wings to fly out into the universe and come to life.

Making a wish is like planting seeds in a garden. A beautiful vegetable garden must be planted mindfully, nurtured and cared for until it is ready to harvest. Take good care of your wish.

Plan a special day of celebration to make your wish and to burn your WISH Candle. It takes 12 to 14 hours of burn time to reveal the WISH Capsule. This is your ‘gift of time’ to reflect on your life and make a list of things you can do to help make your wish come true.

After the WISH Candle is burned and your wish has been released into the Universe or the message has been received find a special place to display your WISH Candle. It will serve as a reminder of your WISH.

You can continue to use the WISH Capsule to store inspiring thoughts or wishes you are contemplating for the future.

“Wishes do come true if we have the courage to make them; the imagination to dream them being true; the faith and belief they will come true, and the willingness to nurture them and to do everything we can possibly do to help them come true.”

––Brenda Turner, Candle Maker & founder

The WISH Candle turns milestone occasions into treasured events. – Here is how to Receive Your WISH!