There are many secrets in a WISH that you will soon discover in my stories. These four magical letters W I S H each have a story of their own to tell.

Words define our whole life. We tend to find a word or make up a word for each thought we have. The words we choose to use define us and tell our stories. Words help us translate our thoughts into a simple way of communication with each other.

Inspired is a powerful metaphor we use to describe divine emotions we experience when we see, hear or feel something glorious that takes our breath away, when someone’s story or wish is OUR story, when the sound of music speaks to our heart just when we need it most, when we open a book or magazine and the words on the page are just what we need to be inspired and give us hope, when a moment of laughter stops the tears and you know you will be ok. An inspired moment in our life sparks divine emotions that create the wishes that can change our life and change the world.

Secrets are a part of everyone’s life. We all have secret wishes, hopes and dreams. We all have secrets we wish to keep and secrets we choose to share for different reasons. Secrets can help people and they can hurt people, just like wishes.

Held is a word we use to describe places we keep things safe or hidden for different reasons. For example, all your valuables keepsakes, money, important papers, letters, notes and cards are held in a safe place or banks. You may be imprisoned or held against your will. And, all of your secrets, wishes, hopes, dreams, and feelings are held in your heart and only YOU can find them. Only YOU can make your heartfelt wish, imagine your story and fall asleep every night dreaming it is true

“My wish for you is to listen to your heart, make your wish, imagine your story and fall asleep every night dreaming your wish is true. It may take days, weeks, months or years but one day you will wake up and be living in the life you dreamed about. This I know for sure—It’s the reason I am sharing my stories with you.”

— Brenda Turner, Founder of WISH Candle Company

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